Go To Peace

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


When the world around you goes to pieces, go to peace.

From news broadcasts to social media to hallway conversations there is set before us the hatred and divisiveness that has risen to the surface in our society. It seems the world is going to pieces and threatening to take us down with it. But yet peace persists. And it will prevail if we go to it.


Get to Know Peace

Become more familiar with what peace means to you in order to better recognize and nurture it in your life. When you think of peace do you see the still waters of a pond reflecting the beauty of a tranquil forest? Or do you see serenity standing with confidence before the waves of a tumultuous sea? Does peace speak to you in a quite whisper? Or does peace roar above the cacophony of a thousand voices?

Go to Peace

Once you have a better sense of what peace is to you then you gain a better sense of the moments and places where peace dwells most richly in your life. Is peace experienced in a quiet solitary time of reflection and mindfulness? Does it come in communion with creation? Does it come in a lively conversation with close friends? Wherever and whenever peace is at its brightest and warmest for you, go there, go there often.

Lead to Peace

Every one of us is called upon to be a leader, each of us in our own time, in our own way. Far too many never hear the call, far too many hear the call but do not answer. There is a call of service ringing out to us now to be leaders of peace. We need people with the strength of peace in their hearts that can bring others together on a higher ground of respect. How will you answer?

Join us

On Monday, November 21st, 2016 at 7 pm EST the #ImpactMatters tweetchat will be discussing peace, how we can find it and how we can live it. Please join us. The more perspectives we have the richer our dialogue will be.